taly – a country to appeal to each of the senses! See the wonderful countryside, historic buildings and works of art; hear the melodic language of the Italian people and listen to the romantic operas of Verdi and Puccini; sample the universally popular Italian food and learn to prepare it; feel the warmth of the Italian sun. And to complete the experience, learn to communicate in the Italian tongue.

More and more British people are falling under the spell of Italian culture. From prehistoric days, through the Roman Empire, the eruption of Vesuvius in the first century AD, on through the Renaissance which produced countless outstanding artistic masterpieces, Italy has captured the imagination. If you have learnt French or Spanish, you will find it easy to make progress in Italian, which is surely one of the most beautiful languages.

Euro-Academy offers Italian courses in a variety of important cultural centres. For those who seek an exciting, noisy city, Rome is the destination to choose. Florence, perhaps the cultural capital of the art world, is chosen by many students of all ages. Siena being smaller, and surrounded by beautiful countryside, appeals to some who are seeking a slightly more relaxed atmosphere.
We are offering Milan as a new destination this year – an important business centre, Milan will give you plenty of opportunity to practise your Italian.

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You can combine your Italian study with gastronomy or art, either theoretical or practical. If you are short of time, you can take a week’s intensive Italian language course in Florence combined with individual and group cookery lessons – but we recommend that you speak at least some Italian before you book one of these courses. Beginners can take a group course for as little as one week in Florence – and for those who might be nervous of staying with an Italian family, we can recommend good value hotels not far from school.