cuador is a small country 270,670 sq km in size, which is bordered by Colombia to the North, Peru to the South and East, and to the West by the Pacific Ocean. The Galapagos Islands, famous for their giant tortoises, are a provice of Ecuador. The population is around 13,000,000.

The capital of Ecuador is Quito, which has the main international airport. From Quito you can fly to Cuenca where our partner school is situated. Cuenca, an old colonial city, is the capital of the province of Azuay, with a population of around 800,000. The average annual temperature is 14 degrees, so you will need to take fairly warm clothing. It is a beautiful city both from the point of view of the architecture and the surrounding countryside. The people are very friendly, and skilled at traditional latin American handicrafts.

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The climate varies a lot, as does the terrain. The coastal region is warm with temperatures ranging from 25 – 31 degrees centigrade. In the Andes the weather varies according to altitude. In the inter-Andean Valley there is a sub-tropical climate, but in the highlands it becomes very cold.
In the Amazon region it is generally warm, humid and rainy with temperatures from 23 – 36 degrees. In the Galapagos the weather is dry with an average temperature of 25 degrees.