rom the Hanseatic cities of the North Sea and the Baltic, to the Schwarzwald and the Alps in the South, stretches a wide variety of different landscapes and historical cities. In many fields of industry and commerce, science and medicine, a knowledge of German can unlock the key to better
relationships with partners abroad.

German is becoming important for leisure also – the dismantling of the Berlin Wall in 1989 was a landmark in world history, and has awakened interest in Germany as a tourist destination. German cities now attract British weekend visitors – especially for the famous Christmas markets.
Euro-Academy offers a wide variety of different German courses in very different areas of the country. Group courses from 2 weeks upwards are available, or one-to-one tuition is possible for as little as one week, either in one of our partner schools or in the home of the teacher.

For those who would like to put their knowledge to practical use, we can offer work placements – the better your language skills, the more likely we are to be able to find you an interesting position. Candidates will complete a language course of at least 4 weeks before commencing their internship.

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There is also a variety of summer courses available for young people – see our separate booklet. Youngsters can live in residential accommodation or host families, and our courses provide a busy schedule of tuition combined with leisure activities. In the Junior International Camp they can mix with young Germans as well as teenagers from many other countries.